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Do it all from Excel

Boolean Trader integrates Excel and MetaTrader 4 to make viewing historical data, placing orders, and getting live data a snap.

Time-tested MetaTrader 4

Boolean Trader supports the time-tested and popular MetaTrader 4. If your broker supports MetaTrader 4, you can use Boolean Trader.

A community that never sleeps...

With users from all over the world - if you've got a question, there's a chance someone is awake and able to help you.

Built-in Indicators

With 104 built-in indicators ready to go,
you'll have no problems getting started.

Not enough? Create your own using our Functions Editor

Make the UI work for you

We've created the perfect canvas for you to make your dashboard.
No more begging developers for new dashboards, create and share your dashboards as you wish.

Store your best ideas. All in one place.

Our functions editor allows you to make your own functions easily, store them in one place, and deploy them with ease.

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